Down Payment Grant Program

Down Payment Grants

No more waiting to save enough for your down payment, We can help you cover it! 

  •  Conventional Loan Product
  • No 1st Time Homebuyer requirement
  • 3% down- Provided in Full by Eagle Connect Fund
  • No income limit in low income census tracts
  • 640+ Credit score to qualify
  • 680+ Credit score, no loan level price adjustment
  • Underlying 1st Mortgage, Fannie Mae HomeReady®, 30-year Fixed Rate*
  • 1-Unit Single Family Primary Residence: Including Eligiblee condos, co-ops and PUDs
  • Reduced MI to 25%
  • Non-occupant Co-Borrowers/Co-signers may be permissible
  • Up to 100% of AMI
  • Cash Back to Borrower: Refund of borrower’s earnest deposit money
  • Conventional Loan Products
  • Underlying 1st Mortgage Fannie Mae Conventional, 30 Yr Fixed Rate*
  • 1-Unit Single Family Primary Residence: Including eligible condos, co-ops and PUDs
  • MI 30%-35%
  • 640+ Credit Score
  • 5% Down – 3% provided by Eagle Connect Fund, 2% provided by borrower or other Gift Funds
  • Up to 120% AMI
  • No 1st time homebuyer requirement
  • 3% Down – Provided in full by Eagle Connect Fund
  • NO income limits
  • Must be 1st time homebuyer
  • Up to $721,050 loan amount, varies by county and state per FNMA guidelines

How The Grant Is Provided

These grant funds are set aside exclusively to help buyers have the ability to own a home. As an approved lender with the Eagle Connect Fund we can help clients achieve the American Dream of home ownership.

Down payment assistance funds are provided to home buyers through Eagle Connect Fund (Eagle Connect) d.b.a LBC, LLC Funding (LBC). LBC funding is an approved federally chartered government lender. 

Eagle Connect Fund Certified