How to Keep your Home Safe from Thieves (Especially during Summer Months)

As you start your summer months it is important to keep your home safe as you go out on vacation We thought you might want to know the best ways to keep your home safe as you head out of town for your summer vacations.

  1. Talk to your neighbors, or at least know your neighbors. As you head out of town you can usually count on neighbors to keep an eye on your home.  If you don’t know many neighbors in your area, think about starting a neighborhood watch program, or throwing a neighborhood block party so that you can get to know them.
  2. Use your Locks. Even if your  neighborhood feels very safe, be sure to make locking up a habit.  Keep all exterior windows and doors locked up while you are away from home. Be sure to lock up your garage as well.
  3. Pretend to have a dog, or get one! How do you pretend to have a dog you ask? Put “Beware of Dog” signs up in your yard or on your fence. Or make a show of putting your dog in the other room before you let someone in the home for the first time.
  4. Even if you don’t own a security system, your home can be safer when you look like there is someone home. Rotating timer lights, holding your mail, have friends drop by randomly to check the home or even leave a light on in the kitchen or somewhere else that is often used.

Additional tips including, cutting your bushes back, put a security sticker on your front window, or even a fake security camera. Don’t leave spare keys in obvious places (rocks, under plants or doormats) and make sure kids always grab an adult before answering the door when you are at home.

Doing these small things can help keep burglars from making your home their first target.

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