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USF is dedicated to providing our customers with a personalized mortgage to fit their financial, family, or personal needs. With decades of combined experience from our loan officers to our production members, we will find you the mortgage to best suit you and your needs. We strive to keep our customers satisfied by dedicating members of our team to your loan and retention. Continued market monitoring allows us to offer you better rates and mortgage programs when they are available. USF guarantees to have your loan ready to close within days. Find a loan officer and team member below to being guiding you to the perfect mortgage for you.

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Loan Officers

Billy Schuler

Loan Officer - Schuler Team Manager

NMLS 261179

Alex Dierks

Loan Officer

NMLS 1170390

Ashley Davis

Loan Officer

NMLS 1426675

Michael Rutland

Loan Officer

NMLS 1613670

Robert Williams

Loan Officer

NMLS 671196

Lynda Richards

Sr. Loan Officer

NMLS 215501

Douglas Blanchard Jr

Loan Officer

NMLS 1404585

Justin Edwards

Loan Officer

NMLS 84121

Rita Claerbaut

Sr. Loan Officer QE

NMLS 1052933

Jackie Jones

Sr. Loan Officer

NMLS 322444

Pete McRoberts

Loan Officer - McRoberts Team Manager

NMLS 90010

Matt McRoberts

Loan Officer - McRoberts Team Manager

NMLS 52984

Thomas Koger

Loan Officer

NMLS 259524

Nora Booher

Processor/Loan Officer

NMLS 261526

Chantel K Demolle

Loan Officer

NMLS 1489084

Cindy Price

Sr. Loan Officer

NMLS 1025773

Ryan LeFever

Loan Officer

NMLS 1668687

El Hayden

Loan Officer

NMLS 1733820

Jason Price

Loan Officer

NMLS 1355271

Regional Branch - Nashville, TN

Michael Grant

Regional Office President NMLS 1712110

1900 Church Street, Suite 210 Nashville,TN 37203

Victor Cook

Regional Office Vice President NMLS 1712109

1900 Church Street, Suite 210 Nashville,TN 37203

Shelton Knox

Regional Office Account Executive

1900 Church Street, Suite 210 Nashville,TN 37203

Loan Production

Camn Brown

Production Manager

NMLS 1059746

Erin Turner

Processing Supervisor

Savannah Bloomer

Sr. Processor

Sherry Marcell

Sr. Underwriter

NMLS 281914

Mike Hatch

Sr. Closing Manager

NMLS 318565

Robyn Kinney

Broker Relations Mangager

Jeanie Olsen


Operations Team

Chester Johnson

VP & Funding Manager

Matthew Frame

Funding Lead & Digital Marketing Team

Jameson Hawkins

Chief Compliance Officer

Heidi Rothert

Secondary Marketing & Digital Marketing Team

Shawn Turner

Corporate Council

Umesh Thapa

Portfolio Oversight Manager

Laura Mclennan

Portfolio Oversight Analyst

Jeff Peterson

Account Controller

Ryan Turner


Chris Shaffer

Executive Assistant

Serene Shaffer


Kent Lewin

IT Systems Manager

Cecily Bloxham

Final Docs

Tommy Whitehorn

Final Docs
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What People Say

USFC Is a great company to work with. I have used them in the past and recently with a refinance, and you couldn’t ask for a more dedicated group to work with! Camn and Jasmine were super helpful, and went the extra mile to take care of us. Will definitely use them for any future…

Ron Ford Google Review

I’ve had such an amazing experience going through my first home loan process… Linda Weir did an amazing job staying in contact with me and assuring that all of my questions and concerns were answered.. her personality is God sent and I am very satisfied with my experience.. Linda told me she could make sure…

Nicole Love Facebook Review

Michael, thanks again for all your help. I can honestly say you’ve made this process extremely easy.

Anthony Pascale Text Message Review

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