5 Upgrades Millennials Don't Care About & 5 They Do

5 Upgrades Millennials Don't Care About & 5 They Do

If you are a home buyer and are fixing your home up in preparation to sell it –  there are some things the younger (millennial) generation cares about – i.e. technology, and some things they really don’t, i.e. landscaping.

What Millennials Don’t Want

While you are re-doing and re-fashioning your home to make it appeal to the younger generation – there are a few things you should keep in mind that Millennials really don’t care about.

  1. Over-the-Top Landscaping – While the older generation really loved having large, well-manicured lawns that they could care for, millennials are of a different breed.  They do not want to take care of their lawns on a regular basis, especially when they are busy traveling and experiencing the world.  Many millennials prefer a small patio that where they can place indoor/outdoor plants.  Ideas they appreciate are small landscaping beds for a vegetable garden, and small easy to maintain plants. Outdoor lawn areas are appreciated only when pets are present.
  2. Formal Dining Room – Moms and grandmother’s for years have enjoyed a formal dining room with fancy dishes as the perfect space to share family meals. Millennials often consider this as wasted space. Many eat on the go or or would prefer a breakfast bar or nooks to eat all of their meals.
  3. Floor Plans – While the older generation have enjoyed the floor plans. This generation doesn’t care what goes where. They want wide open floor plans with lots of light and open living space.  Many plan to bring the space together with a breakfast bar, island, or area rug.
  4. New Carpeting – Carpeting is quickly becoming a thing of the past. In fact, the majority of millennial buyers will rip out the carpet and enjoy the bare floors with accent and area rugs. Carpeting is more time consuming to clean and maintain and millennials – with their busy lives are just not into it.  A non-carpeted space is also more pet friendly.
  5. Memoribilia/Game Rooms  – The majority of millennials are not into having things. If they do have things, they generally don’t care to have an entire room to show them off. The trend is moving towards minimalism and the minimalist lifestyle focuses on memories vs things.  Sellers need to put away the pool table and leave the space open for whatever the millennials can envision.

What Millennails Want

Like mentioned above, there are some of things that Millennials can’t live without. Some of the things highest on the list (other than technology) is the cleanliness of the home and the condition of the items in the home.

  1.  Cactus, Flamingo, Pineapple? Oh why? Millennials want something unique that separates them from the thousands of other people out there, who, ironically, are just like them. If you want to impress a millennial with your home – choose to decorate it with pineapples, cacti or even flamingos to show off how “unique” you are. Succulents are also important to millennials who are going green.  Fill your home with plants that are nearly impossible to kill.
  2. Clean lines.  Mid-Century furniture is often the favorite of millennials.  This helps create the eclectic style they enjoy. Those clean lines they prefer also keep the furniture from ever going out of style completely.
  3. Global Accents are also preferred to knick-knacks or china dolls of former generations. Instead, they prefer to show off their Morrocan lamp or their animal masks from Africa. A floating shelf is a perfect storage spot for these items.
  4. Neon Signs are another signature look for millennials. They want positive words of affirmation and like them to be bright and glowing.
  5. Vintage Buying is another great way to keep them interested. They like space that shows off vintage items in an appealing way.  Consider moving some of your larger furniture items and purchasing small vintage items of the same nature to draw them in.

For more tips on selling your home to millennials (or anyone else) see the inserted links.

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