A Tiny House on Wheels

A Tiny House on Wheels

A tiny house for a family of 6 seems a little absurd, especially when it is a tiny house on wheels, built in an old school bus. The family of six who is crazy enough to do this has some adventurous dreams. They travel around the country in their little bus. For this family, the bus not only provides them with enough space it also gives them the opportunity to do things they love. Gabriel (Dad) says “Whenever you rid yourself of this desire to have things, it’s not that the desire goes away, it’s just that you just don’t have space for it anymore,” he continued. “It causes you to start thinking on different levels. Now I just want to be intentional with my wife and be intentional with my kids. This massive weight is just gone.” He also states that the kids feel like they are on a giant adventure. “Whenever you pull up to a location that’s surrounded by mountains or there’s a new waterfall to go explore or some trail just to go run down, you put the bus in park, and you open the door,” Gabriel said. “Just to see their excitement … I’ve never experienced anything like that.”

The kids attend a public school in California during the school year and travel in the tiny home during the summer, adventuring out surfing, biking and hiking as they go. The bus, though tiny, comes equipped with a full-service kitchen, bathroom, bunk beds for the kids, a private master bedroom and even extra space for any guests who come to visit. There is also an open-air deck atop the home – which was the only real requirement for Gabriel (Dad), which allows the family to park at a lake or in the mountains and enjoy the view from the top of their home.  The family eventually plans to rent out their tiny home to others looking for an adventure.

Buying and renting an old school bus and selling or putting all of your life in storage is definitely not for everyone.  But, the family suggests that if you plan to do it or something similar, hire a company you trust.  The adventure of a lifetime could have easily become the nightmare of a lifetime if done incorrectly, without intention and “on a whim.”



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