About USF

About USF

“When I started United Security Financial, I had only one goal; help my clients get the best, most affordable mortgages, Period. Twenty-six years later, it’s still the philosophy that drives United Security. It’s what sets us apart. When you’re ready to realize your dream, you need a partner that cares about that dream as much as you. “​

– Lois Johnson, CEO/Founder


In 1988, after years in the mortgage field, Lois Johnson realized she wanted to go above and beyond and help people more. She wanted to provide borrowers with something better, products and services fit to their needs. Many mortgage lenders raise costs to increase return and payout to their employees. Lois realized ways to minimize the middle that raise these costs, while fulfilling borrowers true needs, a home mortgage at the best rate with low cost to their family and budget.

 Lois embarked into the business world, establishing United Security Financial Corp. in 1988 in Salt Lake City, UT. Lois quickly established USF into a successful and nation-wide mortgage lender, receiving awards like; Utah’s 100 and Premier Service, doing just what she envisioned, providing low rates and low costs to borrowers. 

USF is pleased to continue to provide competitive rates and low costs for over 30 years. USF

CEO - Lois Johnson