One Time
Construction Loan

Combine your dream home build with us!

Looking To Build?

United Security Financial now offers the opportunity to combine your new construction with a great USF mortgage loan. Funding is available for conforming on-time close six, nine or 12-month construction terms. Program allows for payment of interest-only during construction. 

Soft costs such as architectural engineering and permit fees may be financed, closing costs may not. Full third-party builder contracts only. All loans close in the name of Flagstar Bank. 

What type of Rate & Term?

Property type

  • PUD (Single Homes in Planned Developement)
  • Modular Home
  • Rural Properties
  • And More….
  • Manufactured Homes
  • Property where construction has already begun
  • Lots in exess of 10 Acres
  • Log Homes

Loan Limits

Maximum is Subject to High-Cost County Loan Limits. 

Ask a your Loan Officer for specific amount. 

 Minimum: $50,000

30 or 15 year?

A 30-year mortgage is the most common term rate. This means you’ll be paying off your mortgage over a period of 30-year or 360 month term. This helps keep mortgage costs down. principle monthly and less towards interest. 

Those with a lower mortgage amount or higher income enjoy to double-down and pay off the full mortgage amount in half the time at 15-years. This allows borrowers to pay off their home in less time and pay less interest for the life of the loan. principle monthly and less towards interest.