10 Desired Cities for Millennial Home Buyers

10 Desired Cities for Millennial Home Buyers

Most millennials have specifics they are looking for when it comes to home buying. Typically looking for cities with shorter commutes, social activities, job growth and other amenities are key to the generational lifestyle. Ten cities meeting these millennial jobs, social life and living needs have become millennial hot spots. The generation is gravitating towards these cities with the “millennial must-haves” all in one place.

Take a look where these ten millennial city hot spots are!

1. Salt Lake City, UT


Salt Lake City, known as the “Silicone Slopes”, with its fortune 500 companies like Adobe, Electronic Arts, and Jet.com (Walmart), to nationally recognized robust start-ups in all areas. The area is also in the running for a future Amazon distribution center. Silicone Slopes is a tech savvy economy than continues to grow immensely giving the millennial home buyers a promising future.

Hot Spot Perks:

With below average living costs, unemployment rates, and home prices, SLC has become the number one hot spot for millennials. Extra perks of surrounding mountain ski resorts, trails and lakes, its called Silicon Slopes for a good reason,  along with a short distance to downtown night life creates the millennial dream.


2.  Miami, FL

Miami is not just beaches and night clubs, it is going through a building boom. Many are attracted to the tourism, international trading, and construction jobs available during the building boom. A growing international tech hub and companies like Solomoto and Starthub, offering digital marketing for start ups. Housing costs have stayed significantly low, allowing individuals to not over pay for a house while also able to buy in an up and coming neighborhood, perfect for millennial home buyers.

Hot Spot Perks:

A lively nightlife with many clubs gives millennials plenty to do, oh and their is some quite popular beaches around if you didn’t know already.


3.  Orlando, FL

When you hear “Orlando” You might just think Disney World or Hollywood Studios, but Orlando has much more to offer to millennials. The metro area is receiving  attention from both millennials and baby boomers alike. Diverse multi-use developments, lined with cobble streets and bicycle and pedestrian friendly city parks, Orlando fits the city-loving type. The area also leads Florida in job creation and opportunities. The area is especially great for tech engineers working at places like Lockheed Martin, with 7,000 jobs plus, creating military weaponry and defensive systems.

Hot Spot Perks:

Theme parks like Disney World, Epcot, Hollywood Studios give you plenty of entertainment options. If you prefer a little less, “theme park”, there is a high surplus of beaches and an energized night life.


4. Seattle, WA


What says millennial more than coffee houses on every corner, tree lined roads, and well-paid jobs? Its hip progressive culture and highly desired jobs ,(at Amazon, Microsoft and Costco), makes Seattle very enticing. Washington was the first state to announce a plan of raising its minimum wage to $15/hr.

Hot Spot Perks: 

This cities artistic feel and famous Pike Place Market makes it a must. If you can stand rain and cool weather majority of the year, Seattle provides an opportunistic and hip lifestyle.


5. Houston, TX


Good news for any home buyer in Houston, a paycheck will go further in Houston than in other metros. One of only seven states with no income tax and the second-highest pay on the list might help a paycheck last into next payday and more. New mixed business-residential community developments may even save you the hassle of the rush hour commute to downtown. Like other cities, the city is robust in opportunities from tech companies to the classic Texas oil company gig.

Hot Spot Perks: 

Houston radiates an urban-like setting with its restaurants, bars and shops. Perfect for those who love outdoor shopping atmospheres and warm weather year round.


6. Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles continues to attract the youthful millennials with aspirations of a lucrative Hollywood career, but there’s more. Recently named, “Silicon Beach”,  LA is home to tech giants like Snapchat’s parent company, Oculus, and tech monster, Google. Despite a higher housing market that might be harder on a millennial home buyer, there are still pockets of L.A. that are affordable. Metro systems have expended in the area giving options of apartment and condo living with a public transit commute.

Hot Spot Perks: 

Hollywood and California lifestyle, need anything more?


7. Buffalo, NY


Low priced homes, and Elon Musk, got your attention now? For the millennial home buyers, purchasing a home in one of the lowest home priced markets on the list would definitely help paying off the student debt. The area has been under comprehensive renovation over the last decade turning itself into a mixed recreational, business area. With the renovation jobs have begun to flow in too. Elon Musk’s Solar City is set to bring 3,000 jobs alone to the area.

Hot Spot Perks: 

Although a cold climate in winter, the perks are hot! Low cost living, growing job opportunities, and a very service oriented community give the millennial home buyers much of what they desire.


8. Albany, NY

A city that is in an industry resurgence and with very manageable housing cost to the millennial home buyers brings it to number eight on the list. Through the resurgence of the city, Albany has become a budding tech hub. With many colleges around, six, millennials have started to stick around for the new tech opportunities. Companies like IBM have set up in the city and are expected to fill 1,800 new software jobs by 2020 alone.

Hot Spot Perks:

Low cost living and a new emerging tech hub has this city on the rise. the rise brings great entry level opportunities and room to grow with any background experience.


9. San Francisco, CA


Cost of living may be outrageously high with one bedroom apartments costing upwards of $3,200.00 per month, this city is meant for the ambitious individual. The city is flowing with small tech startups while also home to start-ups that are now world known corporations like Airbnb, Uber, Lyft and Pinterest. If you have ambition to make your mark in the middle of big time startups, this is your new home!


Hot Spot Perks:

Although highly priced on living expenses, this place has amenities at every turn. Downtown S.F. is full of sports, bars, restaurants and the famous Pier 49, famous for its fresh sea food and entertainment. If you can handle the high living costs or a commute outside of S.F to lower cost, this is a great landing spot.


10. San Jose, CA

Silicon Valley, the valley of innovation and start-ups. Silicon Valley should be one of the top choices for all millennial home buyers. Lucrative and competitive jobs in abundance, and generous paychecks of the Valley tech companies make living here a little more feasible. Silicon Valley continues to be one of the biggest tech and innovation areas of the country. Companies like Apple, Cisco and Netflix lead the way in the area, as well as smaller, promising, start-ups..

Hot Spot Perks:

It is California so there is plenty of sunshine and activities to enjoy outdoors. With just a 30 minute drive you’re sitting on near by beaches relaxing after those long fast paced work days in the Valley. San Jose, “Silicon Valley”, could be considered the catalyst of all these blossoming tech hub communities.

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Information is according to Realtor.com report.

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