Living in Cars - the new affordable housing?

Living in Cars - the new affordable housing?

“Thousands of potential renters are turning to the newest form of “affordable housing” their cars. Not the most comfortable option, but for some, it may be their only affordable option for a housing solution.  Some cities, who have current laws against living in your car, are considering creating a “safe park spot” that allows those who are unable to afford the climbing rental prices to park safely in specific areas. In the Seattle Times, a count was conducted and here is what was reported for just one area of the northwest: Seattle – “More than 70 percent of the county’s unsheltered homeless people were in Seattle, the newspaper said.  One of the findings this year was the jump in the number of people living in cars and recreational vehicles — a 46 percent increase from 2017 — reflecting the city’s lack of a coherent, effective strategy to move people out of cars and into housing.”

Of course, this isn’t the best solution or even a solution that should be considered for “homeless housing”, but it does allow those who may be on streets, or in tents to have an actual roof over their heads.

The problem is, unfortunately being exacerbated by cities who are criminalizing this way of life.  The lack of housing is not the only problem that comes from car living. Many psychological needs are not being met when one lives in a car, the basics, such as bathing, using the bathroom, eating, sleeping and breathing are not adequately being taken care of.

In one case, a man was ordered to pay a monthly fee to the city to live in his truck – as it was parked on a city street. What do you think of car living? Is this a solution for expensive housing in large cities or does this just exacerbate the homeless problem?

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