Paint Colors to Help Boost your Sales Prices

Paint Colors to Help Boost your Sales Prices

We all know that paint colors can make a big difference. However, there are some paint colors that, when added to the right spot in your home might surprise you with the amount they can actually raise your sale price. Visit these two articles in USA Today and CBS News to see even more ideas for the best paint colors to boost your sales price.

Door Color: Blue or Gray is in Red is Out

The typical Red door may not be as stylish as it used to be. Sales hint that black doors may actually raise your home sale price by 2.9%

Living Room Color: Use Undertones

While historically might think that white or yellow would be the biggest sales booster. Research shows that a room painted with pink or tan undertones (Pinkish Taupe according to Zillow) could actually boost your home sale by 1.3% more than any other color.

Bathroom Color: Periwinkle – The Color of Calm

Periwinkle blue is your magic color for the bathroom.  Maybe because the calming color of blue will make your baths that much better? Just know that going with this color could raise your home price by 1.3%

Kitchen Color: Tuxedo or Blue over Brick Red

This one may truly come as a surprise.  A “tuxedo” kitchen – in other words dark colored cabinets and island with light wall colors could make an average of $1,547 difference in sales price. You can also use the light blue colors to increase your kitchen appeal. On the other side of the coin, the big no-no, despite what you may have heard is Brick or Barn Red.  This color in the kitchen may cause the price to dip by $2,310.

Colors: The Specifics of Cities

Khaki in Dallas – Fort Worth

If you are selling in Dallas-Fort Worth area, the following bedroom color could dramatically increase your home price. In fact, experts say that Khaki in the bedroom in these sister cities could push your sales price up by almost 10% (9.6 to be exact). That’s a pretty big boost.

The best color overall that helps to boost your bedroom is Blue or Grey. It is calming and what else could you want for your bedroom?

Burnt Orange in San Francisco

You may want to paint your living room Burnt Orange if selling in San Francisco.  This alone can boost your sales price by 5.2%.

Greige in Tampa

In Tampa on the other hand, you may want to go a little more subtle. Painting your dining room a Greige (Gray + Beige) can kick up the sales price by a whooping 11.8%

Blue in Portland

Lastly, if you are selling in Portland, a kitchen painted blue can boost the sales price by about 6.8%.

Of course, you may not love these colors, but remember, you won’t be living here for much longer and the rise in sales price might just make it worth dealing with for a short period of time.  Remember, you can paint your new home with whatever colors suit your whimsy.

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