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Tired of mortgage companies hidden fees and surprise costs? At USF Corp. we strive to fit our clients with mortgages fit to their current and future needs. Let us help find the perfect mortgage no matter your current situation. 

Rebecca Knight

Loan Officer

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Douglas Blanchard Jr

Loan Officer

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Justin Edwards

Loan Officer

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Justin Cotton

Loan Officer

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Dan Allen

Loan Officer

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Ryan Naylor

Loan Officer

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El Hayden

Processor/ Loan Officer

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Shelton Knox

Loan Officer

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Rob Jensen

Loan Officer

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James Mahler

Loan Officer

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Lilian Grant

Loan Officer

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Frederic Dunn

Loan Officer

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Michael Rutland

Loan Officer

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Nnamdi Amaechi

Loan Officer

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Jackie Jones

Loan Officer

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Rita Claerbaut

Sr. Loan Officer QE

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Chantel K Demolle

Loan Officer

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Lynda Richards

Sr. Loan Officer

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Aaron Brockenberry

Loan Officer

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John Keys

Account Executive

“Empowering People To Build Wealth Through Homeownership”

Michael A. Grant, JD


Camn Brown

Production Manager

Michael Hatch

Closing Manager

Lois Johnson

CEO - Founder

Jameson Hawkins

Chief Compliance Officer

Kent Lewin

Chief Information Officer

Tim Johnson

Secondary Marketing Manager

Umesh Thapia

Chief Financial Officer

Brenda Jaramillo

Underwriter - Retail

Victor Cook

Regional President

Laura McLennan

Servicing AE

Chester Johnson

VP / Funding Manager

Matt Frame

Funding Lead / Digital Marketing
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What People Say

It’s official I’m a home owner!…Becoming a home owner is not just a dream any longer it’s a reality for me and my family. From the bottom of my heart thank you for everything you’ve done for us, it’s truly life changing in the best way possible.

Cory Griffin

I had a great experience with this company. I’m looking forward to using them to buy my next house! Thank you. USF Wholesale. I’d recommend you to anyone.

Maurice Johnson

USFC Is a great company to work with. I have used them in the past and recently with a refinance, and you couldn’t ask for a more dedicated group to work with! Camn and Jasmine were super helpful, and went the extra mile to take care of us. Will definitely use them for any future…

Ron Ford Google Review